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Do you have a coed and all-girl team?
Do you offer scholarships for both teams?
How much are your scholarships?
Amount differs each year
Do you have a weight limit?
Can I make the coed team if I did not cheer coed in high school?
Yes. However, all of our current coed cheerleaders developed coed skills prior to tryouts through private lessons or affiliation with coed teams.
Do you have to cheer in high school to make the squad?
No. High school cheerleading does help with knowing how to cheer for various sports and game type situations.
Do you have to be on a competitive high school or all-star team?
No. A competitive team does allow you to maintain and gain more skills to help you progress as an athlete.
Do I need to send in a video prior to tryouts?
For 2021 Cheer Tryouts, new athletes will try out by video/live virtual. Details of video requirements and submissions will be available after registering to tryout through bamacheercamps.com.
Do I have to attend a stunt clinic prior to tryouts?
At this time, we still aren’t having in-person events. We are having virtual clinics/Q&A and will post information about these on Alabama Cheer Instagram as well as rolltide.com. You will register for virtual clinics at bamacheercamps.com.
Do you compete?
Yes. Both teams compete at UCA College Nationals.
Do I have to have a full to make the squad?
A full is not required to make it past the first tumbling cut. All currents athletes on the team at least have a running tumbling full.
Can I tryout by sending a video?
Typically, no, but in 2021 we will be having tryouts by video/live virtual. Details of video requirements and submissions will be available after registering to tryout through bamacheercamps.com.
What sports does each team cheer for?
All Girl cheers football, women’s basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics.
Coed cheers football, men’s basketball, volleyball, and (Football travel will be determined by years in program and good academic standing. Volleyball and Gymnastics we cheer in smaller groups and mixture of Coed and All Girl teams).
Both teams do community appearances as often as possible.
What does a typical week as an Alabama Cheerleader look like?
Practice at least 4 times a week for about 2 hours each time. Workouts twice a week at 5:30am. Community appearances every week.
What events does each team cheer for?
Coed cheers Football and Men’s basketball. All Girl cheers Football, Women’s basketball, Gymnastics, & Volleyball. For all events except Football, we split into groups, so the entire team only cheers Football.
Will I be able to go on Spring Break?
The SEC basketball tournament falls around the time of the break as well as any postseason play, so all are expected to be available to cheer.
Will I be able to go home for Holidays?
There are events during holidays that you may be assigned to cheer, and this is generally determined by how far away you live. People within a 4 hour (or so) radius will typically be asked to cheer during the breaks. Practices will vary, but sometimes we practice over a break, especially around Nationals season.
Can I be in a sorority and still cheer for Alabama?
Yes, we do have girls on the team that are in a sorority. It is important to understand the time commitment of both. It is also important to understand that cheerleading takes top priority.